Zhejiang VASUNG Tools Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development, design, production, sales, and service of professional and industrial-grade electrical tools. The company focuses on the field of electrical connection, always taking advanced technology as the foundation of development, insisting on continuous change and innovation, developing and producing wire cold-pressed connection products and solutions for global users.

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The company's main products include manual terminal crimping pliers, cable cutters, Pneumatic (electrical) terminal crimping machines, etc., products have been widely used in electrical wire processing and connection, integrated wiring installation and construction, information center network maintenance, and aviation, aerospace, military and in the field of energy cable processing.

As industrial automation becomes more sophisticated and industrial control requirements become more precise, the use range of terminals is increasing and the variety is increasing. Under the continuous improvement and development of existing crimping and shearing products, FSE spares no effort to customer demand-oriented and provides customized services for customers. Our engineers are always listening to your ideas and needs and will leverage our years of development, design, and manufacturing experience to create tailor-made products that will give you greater momentum and resilience.

Feierke Tools has been dedicated to the application and service in such technical sectors as specialized wire processing equipments

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